Automotive Maintenance and Engineering.

4Tech Moto specialise in delivering vocational training and education to young people. Offering courses in automotive maintenance and repair, ranging from entry level to recognised industry status.

We are an Institute of the Motor Industry approved centre, and deliver courses regulated by this trade governing body. Our training facilities are modern and spacious, designed to provide a true work-based learning environment for all, and include a custom-built classroom with interactive whiteboard facility.


In addition to gaining a professional accredited qualification, learners will gain many other skills, such as engineering principles, welding, and fabrication.

Level 1 Award/Certificate and Diploma in Automotive Maintenance. 

Who is it suitable for?

This engaging and motivating Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) is generally aimed at learners 16-19 years old who have a keen interest to learn about maintenance associated with vehicles and machinery used in the automotive sector; examples are:

  • Light and heavy vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • Land-based engineering including agricultural machinery, construction, and plant-based machinery
  • Leisure craft

This qualification consists of Group A Mandatory units and Group B Vehicle System Units; both Group A Mandatory units and 2 Group B Vehicle System units need to be successfully completed to achieve this

Group A Mandatory Units

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Tools, Equipment and Consumable Materials for Vehicle Maintenance

Group B Vehicle System Units

  • Engine Operation and Components
  • Lubrication System Components and Maintenance
  • Engine Cooling System Components and Maintenance
  • Spark Ignition System Components and Maintenance
  • Spark Ignition Engine Fuel System Components and Maintenance
  • Compression Ignition Engine Fuel System Components and Maintenance
  • Exhaust System Components and Maintenance
  • Steering System Components and Maintenance
  • Suspension System Components and Maintenance
  • Braking System Components and Maintenance
  • Wheel and Tyre Construction and Maintenance
  • Vehicle Transmission System Components and Maintenance
  • Vehicle Electrical Circuits and Components

The units have been developed to provide flexibility for this qualification. Learners will develop their knowledge and skills in a mainly practical setting which will help them prepare for further studies in a variety of automotive industries or employment.


Learners can typically progress to a higher level of learning such as a Level 1 Certificate or Diploma, and also supplement their progress to GCSEs and other appropriate destinations, such as apprenticeships and employment.