We at Larches are doing all we can to keep our “family” safe please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or need additional support during this time on the numbers below.

Larches Risk assessment

If you or a family member are unwell:
If you, your child or household member develops symptoms of COVID-19 you should all immediately self-isolate and you must inform school by telephone immediately on 01772 792412. If this happens at the weekend / school holidays, then please call the Head teacher on 07967630212.
The person with symptoms should get tested. If the test if positive they should self-isolate for 10 days and anyone else in the household should self-isolate for 14 days.

Inform school by telephone / text as soon as you have the result of the test.
Tests can be booked online through the NHS testing and tracing for coronavirus website or calling NHS 119. If you are unable to organise a test please contact school.

Covid Poster for Parents

Pupils Self-Test at Home
From 15th March all pupils will be able to carry out a simple Covid test at home. School have arranged for training of all pupils, but if your child needs more support you can either do it with them, or contact school who will show them again how to do the test.
An instructional video is provided on YouTube for those taking the tests and there is a step by step guide in the box.
You must report the test results to the NHS at www.gov.uk/report-covid-19-result or telephone 119 and inform school by emailing admin@larches.lancs.sch.uk or text 07786 201169.
All positive results from rapid tests undertaken at home do need to be confirmed with a standard PCR test. This is because these tests are not conducted in a controlled environment and will not have trained staff on hand. Following positive LFD test at home, a confirmatory PCR test should be booked online or by calling 119. Whilst awaiting the PCR result, the pupil or student and their close contacts should self-isolate. If the PCR test is negative, it overrides the self-test LFD test (at home only) and a child can return to school.

You can collect test kits from school on any day between 2:45 and 3:30, or call school on 01772 792412 to arrange a suitable time.

Testing is important because you could be carrying the virus and may spread it to others. Testing all staff and pupils of secondary age without symptoms will support the education sector to continue to operate.
Simple and quick tests using antigen Lateral Flow Devices (LFD) enable the rapid testing of staff and secondary age pupils and students, from their home, without the need for a laboratory.
Testing will help to break chains of transmission
You will need to:
•carry out twice weekly testing at home (3 to 4 days apart) before coming into the education setting in the morning
•maintain ‘hand-face-space’
IMPORTANT: Tests are only for the use of the person assigned the kits, they should not be taken by anyone else.
This asymptomatic testing programme does not replace current guidance for those with symptoms or those identified as a close contact of a positive case. Anyone with symptoms, whether they are involved in this programme or not, should book a free NHS testand follow government self-isolation guidance until the results of their test are known. Testing also does not replace basic preventative measures such as regular handwashing, PPE and social distancing.
Self Test Instructions easy read
Self Test Instructions
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Home Learning
In the event of a school closure / period of self-isolation please see below for information as to how your child can continue to access their learning whilst at home.
Guide to Home Learning
Remote Learning Policy
Home Learning Resources
Instructions for using XBox or Playstation for Microsoft Teams

The UK government along with Public Health England have stated that secondary school pupils are expected to have full attendance from the 8th March 2021.
School are following the government’s guidance, which sets out a range of measures to protect children and staff.  To discuss further, or should you require help and support to ensure your child attends school full time, please call Christina McLean, Attendance/Family Support Manager on 01772 792412.

Additional Support during COVID 19
This period of time is uncertain for all of us. Please contact the Head teacher – Christine Mitchell in confidence if you feel your family needs additional support during this time on 07967630212.

If you feel your child needs additional support around their mental health during this time please contact our Behaviour Support Manager – Eileen Lumsden on 01772 792412

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There will be an NHS covid vaccination team in school on 20th October.  If you wish your child to receive a vaccination, please complete the consent and pre-screening forms and return to school asap.  Please read the guidance leaflet with your child.

Pre-screening check list

Vaccination Guide

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