GCSE Full Course Religious Studies

Religious Studies, Route B: Catholic Christianity and Judaism.
GCSE Year 11 study WJEC Eduqas GCSE (9-1 Full Course) in Religious Studies. This examination is taken at the end of Year 11 and there is no coursework component. In Year 10 GCSE Religious Studies is an Option.

KS4 Curriculum (GCSE)

Year 10

Autumn Term
Origins and Meaning
Beliefs on Creation
The Bible
Forms of expression in painting
Forms of expression and symbolism
Practices: CST, CAFOD, SVP

Spring Term
Good, Evil and Suffering
Jesus and Moral Authority
Sculpture and Statuary
Practices: pilgrimage, Lourdes, piety

Summer Term
The Nature of God
Messiah (Mashiach)
Life on Earth
The afterlife
Worship in Britain and elsewhere
The Synagogue & Daily Life

Year 11

Autumn Term
Life and Death
Death and the afterlife
Heaven and Hell
Purgatory and The Magisterium
Music and funeral rite
Prayer with Catholic Communities
Resurrection and Soul

Sin and Forgiveness
Crime and Sin
Making Moral Decisions and Punishment
Forgiveness and Redemption
The Last Supper and Resurrection
UK laws, festivals and traditions.

Spring Term
Judaism: Practices
Orthodox and Reform synagogue
Worship and Shabbat in the home
Worship, social and community functions in Britain
Synagogue and Rituals
Daily life
Dietary laws and keeping Kosher in Britain
Festivals and celebration

Summer Term