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Admissions and Induction

Our vision is to provide a safe, secure and welcoming learning environment where young people can grow as responsible, independent, self-confident learners which then enables them to make positive choices about their future education, employment or training.


Larches High School works with pupils who are permanently excluded from their mainstream provision or are in receipt of a medical consultant’s referral. We also offer mainstream high schools the option to commission places for short term placements for intervention work.

For further information, please contact Pupil Access on 01772 531813.

The Induction Process

At Larches High School we realise that the process of changing school can be challenging for both pupils and parents / carers. We aim to make the admissions and induction process as easy as possible whilst ensuring that all questions are addressed and appropriate support is given. This process enables school to develop an understanding of the pupil and their specific needs before they join a class:

Step 1: A meeting is arranged with a member of the senior leadership team or admissions staff. At this meeting the pupil/ parents / carers will complete all the necessary forms and can also raise any questions or queries they may have. At this meeting the school’s expectations will be outlined and information given about additional support available.

Step 2: The pupil will spend between two to four sessions in our admissions room where they will:

  • complete baseline assessments in Maths, English, Science and a range of standardised tests. They will meet with Key staff members and have a tour of the school building.
  • develop an understanding of the school systems and processes
  • start their personal support plan

All of this information is then shared with teaching and support staff before a pupil is placed in their designated group.

Parental Responsibility

You should be aware of the following changes made to the law concerning children by the Children’s Act 1989, which became law in October 1991. Schools need to know who has “parental responsibility” for each child. This is to ensure that proper authority is given when the school needs parental permission. It will also make sure that persons with parental responsibility who do not live with a child can be provided with school reports and given an opportunity to take part in the child’s education.

Support Services

All staff within Larches are able to provide support as is needed for pupils/ parents/ carers. Larches has a designated Family Support Workers: Natalie Thomas.

External support is available through Larches High School and we will signpost if you need help with issues relating to:

Health /physical well-being.

Emotional well being

Social well being

Family Support