KS3 Media Studies

Students study a variety of media topics, including media theory, from advertising techniques to use of camera angles in films. The skills that are developed range from information retrieval to inference/deduction and there are many skills transferable to other subject such as English.

Term 1:
The first term is focused on film trailers, excerpts from films and camera techniques. There is an interplay between what techniques are used and how they create different effects for the audience. Films studied include The Dark Knight, Casino Royale and The Others and The Hunger Games.

Term 2:
The focus here is on analysis and production of DVD covers, magazine covers and film posters. Students learn the devices used to make these aesthetically pleasing (use of colour, layout, font), aimed at a target audience and designed to enhance the product.

Term 3:
The focus here is combining the skills developed in the previous terms, students aiming to select an appropriate film and try to analyse it independently, create a new poster/DVD cover or film advert (storyboarding).

There is also a focus on rebranding taking a product such as Werther’s Originals and taking them to a new target audience through use of design, rebranding, research and planning. Students have to be able to explain their choices, say why they think their ideas suit the new product.