Hair and Beauty department

In this subject you will complete a Level award in Hair and Beauty skills prepare the pupils/learners’ to progress to the next level of vocational learning.

All units directly prepare for further study in the Hair & Beauty Sector.

This qualification includes:

  • one mandatory unit to create a Hair & Beauty Image using colour. This can be achieved by using: Make- Up, Nail Polish, temporary hair colour & accessories.

To develop skills and abilities further the following units are available:

  • Hand and Nail Care – this unit includes hand and nail care, you will learn the basic structure of the nail, learn about the different skills used to apply nail and skin products to a professional finish.
  • Skin Care – in this unit you will learn how to perform a mini facial skincare treatment. It also includes consultation techniques, products used throughout the treatment, skin types, applying products to the skin professionally and providing aftercare advice.
  • Nail Art – in this unit you will learn how to design and use various techniques for nail art. This will include rhinestones, glitter, painting techniques, chrome and foils.
  • Basic Photographic Make Up – this unit is about applying photographic make up using precision techniques to achieve a professional finish. You will learn about a variety of products used, as well as how to use tools to make shapes and designs.
  • Shampoo and condition hair – this unit learners will learn how to shampoo and apply surface conditioner to the hair. They will know what shampoo and conditioner to choose for the hair type they are working on. Leaners will be able to provide aftercare advice for shampoo and conditioning hair.
  • Blow dry hair – throughout this unit learners will know how to blow dry hair sections, creating a smooth finish. They will identify the condition and thickness of the hair and be able to choose a product that will support their blow dry. They will know what hair problems may occur and how to deal with them.

Plaiting hair – this unit is about performing a scalp plait that is neat, even, and secure. You will identify the importance of using each section and provide aftercare advice for the maintenance of the plait.

Winding skills –in this unit learners will know how to wind hair using rollers and pins to secure. They will know how to select the correct tools and equipment to wind the hair. They will learn how to achieve a smooth even curl from root to tip.