Art and Design Curriculum Overview


Students study a wide range of topics; they learn through a practical, broad and varied coverage of skills including drawing, painting, 3D modelling and textiles.

KS3 Curriculum 2018-2019

Term 1 – In detail
Term 2 – Figure it out
Term 3 – Bugs
Term 4 – Printing
Term 5 – Portraits
Term 6 – Sweet tooth

The following topics may change in line with current issues and topical events.


Students have a choice of disciplines under the Art and design syllabus (Fine Art, Textiles, Graphics, 3D Design or Photography).

Students study a wide range of topics including subjects such as Portraiture, Close ups, Art and Words and from which they choose an area of personal interest to follow towards the end of year 10.

KS4 Curriculum 2018-2019

Year 10
Term 1 – 3D Food mini project
Term 2 – Skills workshops
Term 3 – Close ups
Term 4 – Close ups continued
Term 5 – Mock GCSE question of own choice
Term 6 – Mock GCSE question of own choice

Year 11
Term 1 – Individual project completion and improvement
Term 2 – Skills workshop in preparation for examination
Term 3 – Exam issued January 2019. Exam preparation
Term 4 – Exam preparation, development, timed exam
Term 5 – Completion and improvement of portfolio
Term 6 – GCSE exams

Exam Board

We currently are following the AQA Art and Design syllabus however, some students may be more suited to Cambridge Nationals Art and Design (short course).

All work completed in class will go towards your GCSE and, in the AQA exam, accounts for 60% of the total GCSE mark; this is alongside an exam in the form of a mini project set by the exam board.

The syllabus follows a logical course of research, planning and developing through experimentation to produce a final piece showing your ideas. Work must also be annotated to explain thoughts and ideas clearly.

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