Curriculum Rationale

Improved Relationships – Improved Opportunities – Improved Life Chances

Larches High School caters for pupils who have been either permanently excluded from their mainstream schools, have a consultant’s medical referral directing them to alternative provision or have had a place commissioned for them from their mainstream education.

As such the curriculum at both Key Stage 3 and 4 is designed to deliver a broad, balanced and appropriate education which reengages them with learning and equips them with the necessary life skills. The aim being to ensure that all pupils are prepared to make successful transitions back to mainstream education or specialist provision or on to further education, employment or training.

All staff work hard to ensure that each pupil is successful and that their individual education provision meets need.

The Government does not publish Progress 8 data for PRU’s (suspended for all schools 2020 and 2021 due to Covid) however Larches High School uses this national measure to track individual pupil attainment and make comparisons year on year.

At Key Stage 3 pupils will study core subjects plus PE, Art, Design Technology, PSHE, Media, ICT, Drama and Humanities. Latin is taught as part of the English curriculum.

At Key Stage 4 pupils will study core subjects plus PE, English Literature and PSHE / Careers. They will then be able to select two / three options from the following subjects: GCSE PE, GCSE Media, GCSE Art, GCSE Design Technology, GCSE History or RE, B Tech Food Technology, B Tech Hair and Beauty, B Tech Construction, IMI Award Mechanics.

Pupils joining Larches High School part way through their Key Stage 4 courses will continue with qualifications they have started as appropriate. The number of subjects a pupil is studying will depend on which ones are selected. It is hoped that all pupils will study at least five.

All pupils also receive a personalised intervention programme in Literacy, Numeracy and pastoral support as is required.