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Message from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

By General News

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service are asking that the message be spread across all communication channels, including traditional and social media platforms, before the summer holidays to make young people and their families aware of the risks of entering open water, particularly where it is not organised and at unauthorised locations which are usually unsupervised.

The message is as follows:

‘When the warm weather hits, please don’t be tempted to cool off in open water –

  • The water is colder than it looks, even on a warm evening
  • This can lead to cold water shock
  • The current is stronger than it looks
  • There are hidden dangers beneath the surface

If you see someone in trouble in the water:

  • call 999;
  • encourage them not to panic;
  • and, if they can’t stand, float on their back in a starfish shape.

Get Stuck In – Holiday Club

By General News

Hello there!

Our Summer Holiday Club Booking site is now open and has places on multiple clubs across Preston during the Summer break.

Places are prioritised for Free School Meal eligible families, SEND Children and Young People and those considered Vulnerable or at risk due to support needs or personal circumstances (young carers, looked after children, those in emergency accommodation etc).

For those families who would prefer their SEND child to attend a smaller, more personal, and tailored to need club – we also this year have some SEND only groups.

Once the link is live it is inevitable that Non FSM/Non Vulnerable children and young people can book on, however this will be monitored and these places arent secure if not falling within the categories as mentioned above.

For more information and Booking, please go to:

Anyone with digital access/support needs or who would prefer to book over the phone can access our dedicated booking line which is available Mon-Fri 9-5pm : 07879 774978


*If you are booking on behalf of a family you’re working with, please ensure the family informed of the booking times etc and reminded prior to scheme start. Many thanks for your help!

Take care,

Fire and Rescue Service information

By General News

Dear parent/guardian,
Over the last two weeks, there have been a number of serious fires in Preston City
Centre. You may have seen in the local news the fires at the old Odeon
Cinema/Evoque nightclub and at the old orphanage on Mount Street
These fires have caused significant damage and disruption in Preston, and it is
fortunate that no one has been injured. It has taken Lancashire Fire and Rescue
Service’s firefighters hundreds of hours to extinguish and involved numerous
resources which reduces the available cover for response to further emergency
incidents, putting further lives at risk.
Following a joint police and fire investigation, the causes of these fires have been
recorded as deliberate and 3 juveniles have been arrested and have been bailed
pending further enquiries, a fourth juvenile was interviewed under caution and
released under investigation pending further investigation.
Over the school holidays, please make sure you know where your children are; if
they are near other children or adults who are deliberately setting fire to property,
they risk being seriously injured or prosecuted.
If you think your child has developed a fascination with fire and who have exposed
themselves or others to the risk, you can book a place for your child on the Fire
Intervention Response Education Scheme (FIRES) by visiting our website:
Kind regards,
Group Manager Phil Jones
Community Protection for Central Area
Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service