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Prince’s Trust 2018 – 19

Prince’s Trust is a charity which helps young people gain valuable experience, nationally recognised qualifications and GCSE points without doing an external exam.

What do we do?
You get to take part in a mixture of:

  • Practical Projects: Army Day, Residential, Healthy lifestyles which involves organising and cooking a two course meal, Fund raising for Charity, Community events, Enterprise.
  • Coursework: You have to build a file of evidence of the topics you have covered and what you have learnt and understood. This will include photographic evidence.

How do we work in Prince’s Trust?

  • You will be taking part in lots of teamwork and you will have a lesson each week to finish your units.
  • If you are not having fun in Prince’s Trust, you need to try harder!

What next?
Once you are registered with the Prince’s Trust you can:

  • Keep doing Units after you leave Larches House until you are 25!
  • Get help from them with your career
  • Apply to them for cash to help you get a job

What else?

  • As you are only assessed on your coursework attending all lessons is important
  • All our Units are set at Level 2
  • The more units you complete the more certificates you receive and could be eligible for an award.
  • The Units you will work on could include:
    • Teamwork
    • Running a Business
    • Planning Your Career
    • Managing Your Cash
    • Doing a Community Project
    • Healthy lifestyles