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KS3 Drama Trip

By 20th November 2018General News

The KS3 Drama Trip: Horrible Histories – The Terrible Tudors

Cannon balls narrowly missed us, beetles crawled around our feet and legendary historical figures were brought to life at the Preston Guild Hall.

This Horrible Histories production was no ordinary performance and no ordinary history lesson! It was impressive to watch three actors portray a vast amount of historical characters, from the arrogant Henry VII to the enigmatic Elizabeth I.

The first half included witch hunts, gory punishments and Henry VIII and his many wives. The performance depicted historical facts with heaps of humour and eruptions of song. Even Greensleeves, the famous flirtatious song to woo Anne Boleyn, was altered to refer to the colour of Anne’s undergarments or her lack of a hanky!

In the second half we had to wear 3D glasses, as rockets raced towards us. It was as real as any firework display. We had to avoid all sorts of creatures, as we watched historical ‘medicines’ being administered. As we sailed on a ship to battle the Spanish Armada, we had to dodge splinters of wood and avoid being seasick.

It was a great experience and a good time was had by all.

Horrible Histories 1

Horrible Histories 2