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Message from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

By 18th July 2022General News

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service are asking that the message be spread across all communication channels, including traditional and social media platforms, before the summer holidays to make young people and their families aware of the risks of entering open water, particularly where it is not organised and at unauthorised locations which are usually unsupervised.

The message is as follows:

‘When the warm weather hits, please don’t be tempted to cool off in open water –

  • The water is colder than it looks, even on a warm evening
  • This can lead to cold water shock
  • The current is stronger than it looks
  • There are hidden dangers beneath the surface

If you see someone in trouble in the water:

  • call 999;
  • encourage them not to panic;
  • and, if they can’t stand, float on their back in a starfish shape.